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Pretty Boys Want Pretty Flowers/ Portrait of Jamal Abrams (2018)

Untitled #7 (2017)

Screen tests for Bambi Warhol and MEGABABE (2017)

Portrait of Beynji Marshall (2016)


Ave Bambi

Ave Bambi is the imagined ritual worship of a drag queen deity inspired by the Vestal Virgins of Rome, night life culture, and trance cults. The piece presents a world where the dance hall is the temple of womanhood and the drag queen its goddess incarnate. Lost in the mantra of "I'm so next level," two women perform a virtuosic duet verging on manic devotional in this demonstration of love, fear, reverence, and power.

length: 20 mins
performers 3
premiere: Dixon Place (NYC)
costumes: Shay Bares

Six Movements to the Music of Nicki Minaj

Named one of Dance Magazine’s “Best of 2012,” Six Movements is like lip-syncing in the mirror to your favorite song. It is full of glitter & spectacle & naiveté. It is a drag queen traversing a postmodern world & it is utterly fabulous if not utterly flawed.

length: 11 mins
performers: 1
premiere: Ailey City Group Theater (NYC)

the beautifuls*

A sickening/ extravagant/ selfish/ belligerent evening-length duet, the beautifuls exemplifies both the limitless arrogance and endemic ignorance of being young and fabulous. It is a boisterous collage of dancing, speaking, screaming, twerking, and generally showing off to a medley of pop songs. the beautifuls is the direct result of unchecked ego as the performers vie for the love and attention of those watching.

*not suitable for those with an aversion to glitter, glamor, or extreme narcissism

length: 45 mins
performers: 2
premiere: Dixon Place (NYC)